Inspection Services

Inspection Process

New Life Management uses inspection specific software, which creates a customized digital layout of each unit with report formats that automatically match the layout of each unit, identifying the correct number of bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and staircases etc. in the correct order they appear as one walks throughout the unit.

The different types of building materials used to construct the unit will be identified - For example: Is the flooring: vinyl, carpet, laminate, or tile? Are baseboards: wood, vinyl, tile, or other? Are countertops: stone, laminate, or wood?

Time-Stamped Photos: High-resolution photos to each inspection item will give objective proof and provide maximum clarity. Time stamped photos save both time and money. In most cases the vendor or handyperson(s) doesn’t need to spend/bill for time going into the members unit in order to identify what replacement parts or building materials they need to fix a deficiency. They simply look at the identifying photo(s) and then go to the hardware store to purchase the correct items. This saves the co-op in billing hours as well as being able to know which items and materials can be purchased via bulk orders. Any cracks in the walls or ceiling are time-stamped, and can now be measured against future degradations to identify if said cracks are caused by major or minor structural issues.

Grading/Scoring: Our software allows the inspector to assess how conditions measure up to your standards, so you can triage and accurately estimate costs.

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