Handyperson Services

Our handypeople are trades professionals that are equipped to triage and repair various maintenance requests that do not require a trade (i.e. certified electrician or plumber). This allows the Co-op to save costs on repairs, while allowing for a longer useful-life of the assets prior to capital replacement.

Below is a brief list of services that our handymen are equipped for:

  • Basic plumbing (i.e. faucet repair/ replacement, minor toilet repair, pipe insulation, re-caulking etc.)
  • Basic carpentry (i.e. drywall repairs, painting, fence repairs, wooden steps repairs, surface mold treatment, existing cabinetry repairs, etc.)
  • Basic locksmith (i.e. locks and hinges repairs, replacement, etc.)
  • Basic masonry (i.e. grouting, minor tile work/ replacement, etc.)

If you would like to add our handymen services to your management services contract, please contact us for more information.