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The goal is to breathe “new life” into your co-op in order to ensure that the community vision set forth by your Board of Directors and membership has the right management-model to support your day-to-day needs - as well as provide the sustainability for a healthy future.


At New Life Management Services Inc. we strive to provide you with peace-of-mind and relieve the worries associated with the complexity of community housing. We will support your board and carry out their requests by simplifying the day-to-day operations with sound and accurate management.

Our Promises to You

Trust & Guidance

Every cooperative is a business at the heart of a unique community. Therefore, our leadership is business focused on providing transparent, accountable and most importantly a reliable management solution so that your Board of Directors can focus on governance and strategic planning.

Industry Leading Services

Our services consist of professional coordination, full cycle accounting and maintenance coordinator. Our fully integrated systems will not only provide your cooperative with reports, but also with key data and forecasts to help make strategic decisions for the future direction of your cooperative.

Client Focused Approach

Every housing co-op is diverse and each has its own unique community vision, fiscal goals and governance policies. We carefully evaluate your needs and expected outcomes, and then structure the type of management systems that best suit your co-op’s current requirements, future priorities and history.

Quality Assurance

At New Life Management Services Inc. we believe that a strong management team is the key to success. And our success is measured by the absolute assurance that our clients have received the highest level of service. 

A Unique Solution

Our business and client focused approach allows us to be flexible to meet the needs of any housing cooperative, no matter how big or small. Our coordinators will be your front line staff in communicating with members, the board of directors, and committees. 

Highest Standards

At New Life, we design our services around the way your housing co-op operates. This is accomplished via sound management, impeccable accounting practices and transparent administrative systems.