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Optional: Additional Services

Cloud Document Storage

We would like to help your coop minimize its carbon footprint and reduce clutter. As such, we are offering to upload all of your key documents onto a cloud storage system. Depending on the type of document and to adhere to PIPA restrictions your Board of Directors, Treasurer, and general membership will be provided different levels of access. This is an additional service that includes an set-up fee and monthly monitoring charges. Rest assured that your coop's documents will always be secured and just a click away.

On-Site Accounting System Set-Up

We know the importance of record keeping, and for ease of convenience we offer on-site accounting system set-up for a one-time discounted fee. This ensures that your books are kept on site as per registry requirements. Even though you will always be provided with a back-up copy of your accounting books for your computers, having a software to access it provides that extra step of convenience.

Vacancy Marketing

For those coops that would like a have a “higher profile" when it comes to filling in vacancies, New Life Management Services Inc. provides a full Vacancy Marketing service that includes advertising vacancies on preferred media channels, and conducting interviews. To provide extra assurance to new members, in addition to standard  income verifications and credit checks, New Life Management Services Inc. will also conduct landlord and reference checks on behalf of your coop.

Customized Services

Do you have something more specific in mind? No Problem... We can help you with that too... Just ask! New Life Management Services Inc. will create a custom package that best meets your coop's needs now and in the future.

Our Services

Onsite Coordination

Our knowledgeable and friendly on-site coordinators are trained to tackle any administrative tasks they come across, no matter how big or how small your co-op is. Our coordinators will be your front-line staff in communicating with members, the board of directors, and numerous committees. They are there to help your community run like a "well-oiled” business and a “well-managed” household. Learn More...

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Your finances will be managed under the guidance and oversight of our CEO, and Founder, who is an experienced CPA, CMA (Chartered Professional Accountant). Your co-op’s finances should never be entrusted to an unqualified or non-certified bookkeeper.

At New Life, you can be rest assured that your co-op will always be provided with the highest level of full-cycle accounting service that meets the strictest standards and internal controls. Learn More...

Maintenance Coordination Services

We understand the importance of speedy, effective, and reliable maintenance. Maintenance issues affect your bottom line, and the prosperity and longevity of your homes. This is why we take careful measures to solve a problem before it becomes a crisis.  Our maintenance coordination software will provide you not only with maintenance reports, but also with statistical data to help make strategic decisions for the future direction of your co-op. Learn More...