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Mike writeup

Michael Phipps (Operations Manager)

Michael has been an active Coop member since 2009. He currently serves on the landscape, finance and maintenance committee at his coop. At the board level, he has served as Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Michael has been his coop’s chief liaison between contractors and tradesmen on multiple major projects. Michael routinely visits “aging in-place” members to keep them company and change their light bulbs as needed.

On a professional level:

Michael has managed several businesses dating back to 1998. He has worked for major corporations including Rogers/Cantel Telecommunications, as well as Shaw Cable. As a student of Langara College, his studies included, sales and marketing as well as business communications.

In general, Michael’s professional skill sets acquired in the corporate world enable him to streamline business structures, simplify complex data and find solutions that mutually benefit both client and corporation.

At the co-op level:

In 2009 Michael became a member of Granville Gardens in Richmond BC. Within the first week he became a member of both the landscape committee as well as the maintenance committee. By the end of his first year he was elected chair of maintenance, which he served for a 4-year term. He also serves on the finance committee helping them with the yearly budget.

Michael has also represented his coop by being one of its delegates by attending CHF BC and CHF Canada’s AGM for his first year to present time. He’s served on the Board of Directors 3 times.

On a personal level:

At his core, Michael is a people person. He finds solace in the coop lifestyle and he can relate to the good and bad that comes with community living. After attending an annual AGM from CHF Canada, Michael was shocked to see how many coops were being mismanaged across Canada. Many of these hardships are caused by poor planning and procrastination and could have been avoided. It is the fear of failure and the love of success that keeps Michael in-tuned to the current and future economics of sustainable coop living. It doesn’t matter if you are aging-in-place or a new family starting a new life. Michael has your best interests in mind.