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David Wetherow Housing Cooperative

David Wetherow Housing Co-operative accepts membership applications from anyone wishing to live in a co-operative housing environment. Each member is responsible for completing specific tasks, maintaining a safe and secure environment, and working collectively for the benefit of all. Built in 1985, the co-op consists of 40 apartment and townhouse type units. All suites are unique in both size and shape and no two suites are the same. This resulted in a wide range of housing charges which are calculated based on the square footage of each suite. The co-op's society was named after David Wetherow from Winnipeg, Manitoba. As the executive director of the Association of Community Living, David advocated for the integration of people with needs into an independent living community. The architect was award winning Xavier Bellprat, a graduate in architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. Among his achievements as an architect and urban designer, he had overall responsibility for the Swiss pavilion at the 1986 World Fair in Vancouver, Expo '86. The landscape architect was John Lantzius who studied landscape architecture at North Carolina State University then University of California at Berkeley where he received a bachelor of science degree in landscape architecture. Later, he received a master's degree from Harvard's Graduate School of Design. In 1961 he established his own firm, John Lantzius and Associates in Vancouver. Working with a large plant budget, his landscape design included a wide variety of trees and foliage to create the pleasant surroundings we still see today.