Professional Coordination

Our efficient management and administration of the co-op office and co-op staff will provide you with the peace-of-mind and relieve the worries associated with the complexity of community housing. We will support you and carry out your requests by simplifying day-to-day operations with sound and accurate management.

Does your co-op need to rethink its management model?

At different stages in the life of your co-op, the board and membership will have to rethink the management model it uses. You may want to review your management model because:

  • It's time to tender your current management contract and start anew;
  • Your manager/ coordinator has resigned; and/or
  • Things at the co-op have changed, and the choices you made in the past do not fit with what is happening in the co-op now - or in the future.

Every housing co-op is diverse and each has its own unique community vision, fiscal goals and governance policies. At New Life, we design our services around the way your housing co-op operates. This is accomplished via sound management, impeccable accounting practices and transparent administrative systems. We carefully evaluate your needs and expected outcomes, and then structure the type of management systems that best suit your co-op’s current requirements, future priorities and history.

The goal is to breathe “new life” into your co-op in order to ensure that the community vision set forth by your board of directors and membership has the right management-model to support your day-to-day needs - as well as provides the sustainability for a healthy future.

At New Life Management Services Inc. - our mission is to give you peace-of-mind and relieve the worries associated with the complexity of community housing. We will support your board and carry out their requests by simplifying the day-to-day operations with sound and accurate management.

in a nutshell about our services

New Life Management partners with Co-ops to provide best-in-class management services.

  • Ensuring the day-to-day needs of your Co-op are being managed
  • Providing a level of service that doesn’t cut corners or loses sight of values
  • Being flexible in times of change without compromising your vision
  • Sustaining viability well into the future by planning ahead
  • Providing efficient management services that promote harmony
  • Developing relationships and engaging members with a can-do attitude

A variety of co-ops call for a variety of services.

Unique needs call for unique solutions. We know you think outside of the box and that is why our services are flexible to your needs. In short, we change as your co-op changes - and the only thing that stays the same is our can-do attitude and personal touch.

As your co-op evolves we can provide customized services to meet your changing needs

Management: Corporate

Corporate level management includes maintaining all corporate documents and annual filings, share register, and register of Directors. This includes carrying our directions from the Board of Directors, and maintaining all minute files per coop requirements. This includes attendance of Board of Directors meetings, as well as Budget and AGMs. Additional options include chairing meetings, and recording minutes.

Management: Administration

Our professional coordinators provide housing cooperatives with on-site office coordination that includes processing all internal and external office communications via phone, voice-mail, mail, email and in person. Each coop will be provided with set day office hours, and flexible evening hours negotiated with the Board of Directors.

Systematization/ Organization

This service includes preparation of monthly management reports, assisting Board of Directors with planning and goal setting. Coops will be provided with assistance in maintaining wait-lists, maintenance record filing, and work orders. Organization includes, but is not limited to, maintaining Board and member manuals, as well as creation and maintenance of annual member surveys.

Membership Management

Membership management includes processing applications, and verifying qualifications based on your coop's policy. This includes assistance with wait-list, performing credit checks and verifying income. Assurance that your coop adheres to PIPA regulations is our top priority, as well as performing accurate share reconciliations. Move-in-move-out inspections can be added to your membership maintenance package for an additional fee.